The benefits of credit cards

Making purchases with credit cards can provide you with an added layer of monetary protection. For instance, some credit cards will offer you an extended warranty when you purchase the entire amount of the item with their respective plastic. The type of extension on the warranty will vary from issuer to issuer, but some will double the length of the warranty that accompanies the product under discussion.

Key to the extended credit card warranty is in filling out the warranty registration card that comes with the product you purchase. So, if your product breaks outside of the standard warranty period, which may very well happen, then the credit card issuer will provide you with a credit to your account for the full purchase price of the good. That is quite a bonus to using a credit card. It is very important to read the literature that you card comes with to determine exactly how your particular card handles the warranty extension. Areas to keep a close eye on include, what documentation of the warranty is required, what percentage of the purchase price needs to be funded by credit, and are there any types of purchases that are explicitly excluded from the extended warranty.
This extended warranty is obviously great for items that seem to break just after the manufacturer warranty has expired. Some items that come to mind are digital cameras whose buttons fall off, printer that mysteriously have drying ink problems, and maybe evening washing machines that fall victim to loose change. Don’t forget the most used item in your life: the laptop. Think about how many items in your life have been rendered useless in just the year after you purchased them.

In addition to warranty extensions, credit cards can also come to the rescue if your purchased item is stolen or broken. These coverages are usually implicit benefits upon a credit card company issuing you their card. Some of the major credit card companies that offer these benefits are Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. As with extended warranties, there are time restrictions on coverage, but as mentioned above, most problems occur within the first few days and weeks of purchasing a new item.

For the fickle consumer, purchases made with a credit card offer yet another added benefit. Say you buy something and a month later you think why did I buy this thing or the product just doesn’t work the way you had hoped. Well, with some credit card companies you can kill buyer’s remorse with their advantageous consumer satisfaction coverages. Trying to return an item to a retailer because it simply didn’t meet your expectations.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem if your credit card company offers an avenue for you to credit your account if you simply don’t like what you bought. Yes, these options do exist , you just need to check out some of the larger card issuers to find them. Credit cards can be good if you just know how to use some of their benefits.



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